Captain Hardy Smith House

The Captain Hardy Smith House is located in Dublin, Georgia. It is the oldest home in Dublin on its original location. Built in 1873 it is located at 307 West Gaines Street in Downtown Dublin.

The restoration of the home included searching for mature pine suitable for cutting the large barge boards with no knots. The ones used came from the Altamaha Swamp around Hindsville, Georgia.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Old Blue House Windows Restored

One important supply needed for the Hardy House was three windows for the dining room. Upon purchase there were simple temporary window sets installed. Apparently the original windows were in bad enough shape to just be thrown out.

 Picture from December 2007

The windows from the blue house fit the Hardy Windows fine in width but were too tall. Therefore the windows had to be cut down to size and the glass cut to fit.


Here is the beginning of the process and the shape of the windows from the blue house. First item of business get the old glass out. This is a tedious process and a success rate of approx. 60% due to the difficulty removing the glass. This difficulty in part due to old seal like concrete!

Window out.

Pane outside of old window

Example of wood with the paint close up.

Had to resize the window down.

Down to bare wood

Joints for new size

Stained with a natural tone.

Window cleaned and ready. Fine steel wool gets old wavy glass clean.

Back from Dulbin Glass. They cut the glass for free for the Hardy House! One is for the top of the window and the other is for the bottom part.

Glass inserted and new rope for sash. Puddy hard to do. Takes a steady hand. This is the side facing the outside of the house.

Prime and black outside paint. 

Window area broken down. 

Restored sashes for the windows

Old timbers cut down for window frame missing parts.

More materials from the old blue house. Stair Bannister in the middle cut down to match the original window part on the left. New one on the right. Heart Pine!

Weights from old blue house.

Window lock hardware from old blue house

Pat. Oct. 1908. This helps date the materials from the old blue house.

Rotten Wood in window frame.

Old timber piece cut to replace rotten wood.

 Outside finished window top and bottom.

Another view of completed windows.

Inside windows done!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Recycled materials from 100 year old home and Old Timbers

The City of Dublin tore down this old blue home in 2013. It was approximately 100 years old and only two blocks away from the Hardy Smith House. Many good materials were salvaged from the home before it was torn down. These materials are the source of the restoration for the dining room and the master bedroom at the Hardy House. This back part of the Hardy House was rebuilt around 1900 due to fire. Therefore the use of the blue house materials matches the dating of both structures.

Old timbers milled and used as materials for the Hardy House. These timbers were found in downtown dublin in a dumpster.

Freshly cut they still had to be cured for about a year to get all the moisture still trapped in the wood.

Baseboards ready for restoration

Comparison of restored and unrestored baseboards

The restoration process.

Now for the chair rail boards

...............................Restoration process.............................


     Sand down to bare wood



All ready for mounting!