Captain Hardy Smith House

The Captain Hardy Smith House is located in Dublin, Georgia. It is the oldest home in Dublin on its original location. Built in 1873 it is located at 307 West Gaines Street in Downtown Dublin.

The restoration of the home included searching for mature pine suitable for cutting the large barge boards with no knots. The ones used came from the Altamaha Swamp around Hindsville, Georgia.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Top of the stairs the day of purchase. Busted boards and plenty of bat droppings.

Front door way downstairs


Front door and top of stairs. Several boards had to be removed to get the bat droppings out from behind the walls.

Sanded and repaired

Priming the stairwell.

Priming done upstairs

Originally the interior paint was yellow....So we did the same for the 21st century.

Yellow first coat downstairs

Putting on the final coats of yellow and white.

All painting done on the walls, ceiling and stairway.

Now for the floor.

Finished the floor and the upstairs!

The Stairs........tried to get away with light sanding and stain since the stairs were in pretty good shape. Learned a lesson in historic home restoration. Just because they look pretty good does not mean that they need light work. Once the first coat of polyurethane went down it did not take two hours for half of the stairs to cloud up. Yikes!....seems the old polyurethane and stain reacted to the new stuff!!!

So had to take all the stairs down to bare wood....another two weeks of work...lesson learned! Now the stairs and Hallway are done.....

Here is the Hallway now!

Floor Done