Captain Hardy Smith House

The Captain Hardy Smith House is located in Dublin, Georgia. It is the oldest home in Dublin on its original location. Built in 1873 it is located at 307 West Gaines Street in Downtown Dublin.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Back Hallway Restoration

This hallway separates the dining room from the kitchen. This is how this section of the house looked upon purchase. Note the slats that held original plaster.

This is another look from the doorway of the kitchen. At this point the electricians had done their work.

After a couple of years a set of stairs was installed to allow access to the back attic. This created plenty of storage space for the house. For several years the hallway was cluttered with items.


Recently bead board was placed on the walls in the hallway.


Max, the 24 hour protection system is watching the progress on the back hallway. 

 One more use of the old blue house windows is shown here. Frames for the electrical outlets!


An example of before and after for the wall and electrical outlet. 


Now for the floor sanding. On the left half of the floor is sanded. On the right the whole floor has been taken down to bare wood.


The finished floor...complete with 3 coats of poly!

On the left is shown the stairs before being stained. A dark stain was used to make a nicer presentation. You can also get an idea of the finished look for the hallway. The Kitchen is on the right.

The very back of the hallway with a before and after look. Note the bottom of the bead board is lined with quarter round. This quarter round came from the old blue house. Another example of recycling the 100 wood.


An original early 1900's screen door. On the left shows its original state. On the right a restored door.

A view of the hallway now completed.

Finally, the doorway to the hallway. All complete now.


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Master Bedroom updates

 Crown Molding from the old Blue House torn down was stripped, sanded and painted gloss white to go in the Master Bedroom.

Crown molding is hard to cut just right to have a nice appearance.

Quarter round from the modern day is small and not appropriate for a historic home. Pictured here is original in the hallway on the left. Modern is shown next to the original. To the right of this is a long dowel that was used to recreate the original look. It had to be cut in half and fitted.

Measuring and placing the new quarter round.

Each corner for the quarter round was cut to match the corner board point. This point was restored from the old blue house.

One of the most difficult parts of putting up the crown molding was this point. All the other corners were in while this one was out. It was one of the final parts of finishing the job.

Below is the original restoration. This shows no crown molding and no quarter round trim. On the bottom is the finished job complete with a brand new ceiling fan with a new light kit.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

New paint on outside bedroom

The last phase of painting the Hardy House. This side shows a clear need for a refreshing coat of paint.

The process starts at the bottom.

Time to break out the 40 foot ladder.

Finished product. Windows cleaned and a broken one replaced. Now the front view from this side looks complete.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Plantation Bell for Captain Hardy Smith House

Purchased this plantation bell from the proceeds of selling scrap from a 1920's home across the street.

Research shows it is a Poke #3. The date shows 1886. That is the date the bell cast was made not necessarily when it was sold.

The process of sanding the rust down.


This part is called the clapper

Here is the upright

Spraying the bell black

Gold leaf on the bell

Painted the pole to reflect the colors of the house.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Front Dormers Restored

Front dormers had rotten wood and in need of restoration

Had to cover hole where bats used to get in..used a piece of glass and then painted


New look for the front!