Captain Hardy Smith House

The Captain Hardy Smith House is located in Dublin, Georgia. It is the oldest home in Dublin on its original location. Built in 1873 it is located at 307 West Gaines Street in Downtown Dublin.

The restoration of the home included searching for mature pine suitable for cutting the large barge boards with no knots. The ones used came from the Altamaha Swamp around Hindsville, Georgia.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Second Guest Bedroom

This is a second guest bed room above my office. It was in pretty good shape except the corner by the fire place. There was some rotten wood from rain damage over the years. After several months the room is done all except the floor.

This shot is how the room looked when I bought the home.

Before I got going on the room I had taken the fire place mantel off and found some interesting items. You can see on the right side the rotten boards I had to replace.

Took time to repair this section.

Had some more bat problems in the window dormer. Had to cut the ceiling and remove the stuff.

Window side of the room. Originally had to take all the bottom boards at the base of the ceiling slanted boards off due to the bat poop that had piled up.

Repair work shown. Had to sand the walls, caulk and do repairs to some parts of the wood. Then primed and ready for the top coat of paint.

Door area before start of all the hard work

Finished with the room at this point except the floor!

Lizzy hard at work on the restoration

Took off the door hardware and restored it too!

Now for the floor restoration

One side done

When the sun hit the floor beauty

Now enjoying a beautiful office for Lizzy